Good memories in every smells

The first fragrance products of SOHAN was created at the end of 2019. Interestingly, thru the scent, SOHAN get back to those good memories where SOHAN had been there. So, we would love to share the fragrance as GOOD MEMORIES to many people and hopefully you have Good memories with us. ” Good Memories in every Smell”

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What else we do - Interior project


Home is truly where the heart is. Your house is your very own personal space and a physical manifestation of your personality and a place where you and your family spend the most time together.


Are you looking to attract more customers into your business? With SOHAN, we believe and dedicated that a great commercial design should bring the whole ambience of the establishment.


Do you value your office? Transforming your workplace or office is not a problem in SOHAN, as stated our design is not simply a great design, as one of our services we are also committed.

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