SOHAN has a vision and goal to create a powerful and impact design for many people. As the result, in 2014 we held deeper research and figure out about an element that play so important role to everyone, and it is indeed give everyone of us magical sensation called ‘Senses’. From there on, “Senses” has been SOHAN main philosophical design aspect.


1. Visual (Visceral)

Our products have been created with Korean Style that includes the Aesthetics, modern, neat and clean vibe that suits with any age member.


Carefully choose the products material and finishing could give you all more excited experience of using it.

3. Hearing

We would love to” hear” your feedback and input.

4. Smell

Has been one of the most important senses in human activities. A great smell can give us deeply good image and beautiful memories. That’s why we provide our signature that has been chose carefully and the best fragrance for you.

5. Taste

So does the ART can be tasted. The concept, the aesthetics of the visual, the classy of the smells flavor, the products shapes and colour combination serve the purpose of the Art taste for many of you to be savoured.